Updates for 7/26/10

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Updates for 7/26/10

Post  Venecha on Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:10 pm

Here's my weekly post of items that became effective since the last update. (Some of them you might have seen already during the week. The corpse/xp loss change didn't become effective until the reboot this morning.)

1. GREAT DIVIDE and VEESHAN'S should be already working! That fix went in earlier in the week
2. Respawn timers in Vex Thal have been increased to 6 hours for named mobs
3. Moved the Soulbinder in the PoK to the main bank
4. Changed the zone in/spawn point to where the Soulbinder is relocated
5. Dieffer felt he was being overworked, so resigned from his class trainer job to focus more on his spell studies
6. Added naked corpses back into the game. NOTE: They will disappear after ONE HOUR!
7. Since xp can be partially regained after a rez, the XP hit was increased from 1.5 to 2.0.
8. Aggro range in Sebilis has been adjusted from 35 to 15. This may need tweaking. It is in effect now if someone can go and test it out.
9. Greeter added near main bank
10. Zone line for Natimbi/Qinimi has been fixed (also fixed many other zoneline issues that were missing)

Thanks to all!


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