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Post  Protector on Thu Jun 24, 2010 11:27 am

This server is constructed so you can level solo, but to keep you interested and wanting to play. There is also content where a group or couple groups, or more will be needed to complete some quest and zones. . We hope you enjoy your time in Desdemona.

Our point is to make it enough like live to be a challenge, but no so much like it that it isn't fun anymore.

Current changes to server from Live:
  • Exp is 2x faster
  • AA Exp is 1.5x faster
  • can solo a fair amount of content (with assistance of bots. NPCs are live strength again)
  • Bots are usable, full bot raids are not. We've implemented many fixes and improvements to the bots
  • No XP Loss on death
  • Guild Halls Work
  • Custom Items
  • Custom Quest
  • Desdemona Hub (The social gathering spot)
  • Custom Tradeskills
  • Montly and Daily Quest( The Monthy is a new quest every month )
  • Custom zone Plane of War ( No Download Needed )
  • Epic 1.5's for you and bots
  • Good GM support, Friendly staff
  • New bot code
  • Newbie gear from Snickering Merchant
  • Custom Augs
  • Be paid Plat for your AFK time while in trader and buy modes

Please Vist for guides on our custom content.

Note: This list is subject to drastic change.

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