update 11-30-10

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update 11-30-10

Post  Protector on Tue Nov 30, 2010 7:11 pm

there where a few small updates today

-loot tables have been fixed for custom mobs
-dusty marrow added to some mobs in trakanon's teeth, warlikswood, upper guk and overther.
-thick sick has been added to some mobs in burning woods, dulaks Harbor, takanon;s teeth, overthere and warlikswoods
-ragged section of skin added to some mobs in Plane of Torment
-saint nick now works
-conner krinsal will not port you to abysmal from plane of knowledge
-the spell scriper in plane of knowledge will now only scribe to you till you are level 65.
-plane of war is now open and is the zone where you can get the items needed for your level 66 to 70 spells and tomes. see carath naxum in plane of knowledge.

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