10-28-2010 Release

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10-28-2010 Release

Post  Protector on Tue Dec 28, 2010 11:53 am

Apon reboot today all 3 tiers of custom Augmentations are done and loaded. See Jeramy Darther in Shadowspine ( AKA the Desdemona Hub ) to get your special Jewlers bag to make the combines. These are all player made Augs. Tier 1 is almost all store bought Items. The second Tier is a little harder. you will need to gather some items from Norrath the finish your combines. Tier 3 will be alot harder to make.

I hope you enjoy all your new augs


-The Time Phase Quintessence are not longer Lore, NoDrop and are stackable.
-Jeramy darther will also enchanter your silver and gold bars for a HEAVY price, I would suggest a Player to make them for you.
- Added a porter in Abysmal that ports to Pok and Hub
- Added the port Abysmal Sea to Pok Porter

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