Walmart, what and how much

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Walmart, what and how much

Post  Sneg on Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:55 am

I try to leave Walmart up as much as possible and will post here what he has and how much it is. I will update as needed and if you are looking for something please let me know. He really only has items that are used to make other items and bags. Here is what he has.

- Ethereal Silk Swatch 250pp
- Ethereal Sheet of Meatal 250pp
- Ethereal Metal Rings 250pp
- Cured Ethereal Energy 250pp
- Enchanter Gold Bar 20pp
- Enchanter Silver Bar 10pp
- Fleeting Quiver Token 12000pp
- Gnomish Firework 15pp
- Hand Made Backpack Token 95pp
- Imbued Opal 10pp
- Rebreather 5000pp
- Tae Ew Hide Sack 3500pp

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