Content Release for 7-5-2011

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Content Release for 7-5-2011

Post  Protector on Tue Jul 05, 2011 1:40 pm

-Added jafal's tier 1 and 2 weapons to the data base
-Small script change on jafal and petty officer story
-jafal now sells weapon forms
-jafal will now give you a recipe book if you hand him one of the oil extreactors
-Added wand mold to Usurta in Abysmal Sea
-added coins of dedemona to drakpaws and poachers in jaggedpine forest
to frogs in lower guk, mobs in kedge keep, mobs in dearlands, cobalt scar, scarlet desert and plane of innovation
-Added Minor inchanted molds to darkpaws in jaggedpine, fromgs in lower guk, mobs in kedge keep, mobs in dreadlands, cobalt scar, scarlet desdert and plane of innavation
-Added wand mold to Esrta in Abasmal Sea
-Porteer in Hub now ports to Jaggedpine since the jewel does not like to work on the SoF client. see I look out for you lol
-uped the the amount of faction for turning in coins of desdemona

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