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Post  Gannor on Tue Jun 29, 2010 7:04 am

'Allo. Small request. I know I shouldn't be up this early in the mornin', but I couldn't sleep last night. I started reading, and was startled to find some bits of EQ Lore that I had either forgotten, or more surprisingly didn't know, and I got to thinking... I would love to have a forum on here where I could record both what I find, and present what I already know. I'd imagine an extra forum section shouldn't be too hard to impliment.

I've actually made a rather astonishing discovery. I have known of "Drinal, the Silver Reaper", a mysterious shamanistic spirit for which the First Moon is named. Drinal is a spirit embodying Death itself, the passing of the soul from life to afterlife. I've just stumbled upon the names of the other Shaman Spirits. Don't know what they are or represent yet, but I shall be eagerly searching for it.

The origin of this particular bit comes from the In-Game book "Immortals", which is part of the Monk Epic, interestingly enough, so you'd think I'd have noticed sooner.

Trorsmang! Be our course of action.
Anbeal! Become the vessel to hold our virtue.
Drinal! Be our stability, where we can take root.
Cordan! Fill our vessel and calm our ambitions.
Norrath! Take our husks and breathe life into them.
We beseech you!


Edit: Oooooh! Amazing! And it should have been so obvious! It's the celestial bodies of the "Ro" Star System!

Trorsmang is a planet in the Ro system. It consists of a molten body with a molten core, water vapor, a sulfurous atmosphere, and desolate climate.

Anbeal is a planet in the Ro system. It consists of a solid body with a solid core, no water, no atmosphere and a desolate climate.

Cordan is a planet in the Ro system. It has a gaseous body with a solid core, no water, a poisonous atmosphere, and a desolate climate.

Norrath is a planet in the Ro system. It is composed of a solid body with a molten core, liquid water, breathable atmosphere, and various climates. The planet also has at least two moons. ... Drinal, Luclin, and a third "hidden" moon, Morrell, is a rumor, but not a confirmed astral body.

So the spirits that the Shamans of Norrath call upon are literally the stars above.

Information taken from EQ2I, the EverQuest 2 Wiki, and is backed up by Allakhaz... er... ZAM appears to be based on books and quests pertaining to the Celestial Observatory atop the Tower of the Moon, Maj'Dul. Really neat place, they've actually got a mechanical model of Norrath's solar system. Smile Let me see if anyone has a picture.... ah hah!


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Re: A Lore Forum

Post  Venecha on Fri Jul 02, 2010 9:02 pm

Moving to the new forum for you, Gannor! Enjoy!!


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