Updates Applied during Today's Downtime (7/3/10)

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Updates Applied during Today's Downtime (7/3/10)

Post  Venecha on Sat Jul 03, 2010 10:32 am

During today's downtime, the following changes were made:

- Removed corpse runs
- Increased the amount of XP lost on death (there has to be -some- downside to dying *Grin*)
- Modified archery slightly so that archers can actually hit things

- Several bot changes! HUGE thanks to C0ncrete for the work on the bots! Many annoying things were fixed.
- One new command you might want to hotkey: #bot stripbuffs Razz
- Some of the other bot changes are below

Bot Changes... Pasted from a doc:

Modified bot spellcasting AI.
Should now allow bots to stack more dots more quickly.

Modified bot assist AI.
In groups with clients, bots will only auto-assist their owner.

Added '#bot spells <filter>' command.
These filters only apply when in combat (in Bot::AI_EngagedCastCheck()).
Filters are as follows:
The HEAL filter only applies to others. Self-preservation is important.
MAG bots will always summon pets in combat.
There are probably other conditions that overrule the filters

Modified '#bot gate' command.
It made more sense to read '#bot port'.

Modified many '#bot' commands.
If a bot is currently casting, it will interrupt the spell and do what you commanded it to do.

Modified bot group invite process.
Group leaders may now invite ANY bot, as long as the bot's owner is currently in the group.
No more having to constantly switch leadership!

Modified bot line of sight check.
Now bots will attack if they OR thier owner has line of sight to target.

Modified many '#bot group' commands.
These commands will only apply to bots in your group which you own.

Modified '#bot giveitem <target>' command.
Now accepts an optional destination slotID.
Bots no longer accept duplicate lore items.
Bot item duplication bug resolved.
Bots will not longer accept items while in combat.
This is because when a bot's stats are recalculated, they return to full health.

Modified '#bot spawn' command.
These commands now check each client group member's AggroCount() value.
Previously, only IsEngaged() was checked. This allowed clients to camp and respawn bots repeatedly while in combat.

Modified '#bot picklock <target>' command.
Bots can no longer pick locks while engaged.

Modified '#bot summon <target>'.
Modified '#bot group summon'.
These commands will not summon your bots to you if they are engaged.

Modified command '#bot group attack'.
This command now cause bots to switch targets.
Any previous target is still on bot's hate list, hate is lowered.
Considerable hate added to new targets to keep bots from peeling due to damage received.
Pets will not change targets (client's pets do not have this ability either).

Added command '#bot stripbuffs'.
Instructs targeted bot to remove all beneficial spell effects it has.
Bots with group buffs would not recast them if they already had the effect.

Added command '#bot group backoff'.
These commands work like /pet backoff (bot's hate list is wiped).

Added command '#bot healme <botName>'. Conditions listed below.
If the bot is in your group:
If it's not casting, it will heal you.
If it's casting a spell on another bot, it will interrupt and heal you, owner or not.
If it's casting a spell on you and you're the owner, it will finish whatever spell is being cast.
If it's casting a spell on another client, it will finish whatever spell is being cast.
If the bot is not in your group:
If it's fighting, it won't heal you.
If it's casting, it won't heal you.
If it's meditating, it won't heal you.
If it's moving, it won't heal you.
If it's just standing idle, it will heal you.

Added quest method CampBotsByOwnerCharID().
Usage: CampBotsByOwnerCharID(charID)
Added quest method AssignNameToInstance().
Usage: AssignNameToInstance(name, instanceID)
Added quest method MoveGroupToInstance().
Usage: MoveGroupToInstance(zoneID, instanceID, x, y, z, [,heading])

Modified backstab for ROG bots.
ROG bots no longer position themselves behind a mob if they are that mob's current target.
ROB bots now use an item's Backstab DMG instead of its DMG when calculating backstab damage.
Enjoy and Happy Hunting!


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